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Carter Magfence

Carter Magfence II
Universal Magnetic Fence

Carter Magfence 2

switchable hold down

Carter Magfence End View

The MAGFENCE II™ Universal Magnetic Fence is the fastest, easiest way to add a moveable and adjustable fence to your bandsaw. Since the MAGFENCE II™ attaches to your saw with switchable magnets, it is readily adjusted and infinitely positionable. You don't even need any hardware or mounts when installing. Simply place in position and switch the magnets to the ON position and you are set. The fence has thin rubber strips on the bottom to make adjustments smooth and simple, they also keep the fence from scratching your table top surface. The unit also features multiple T-slots for attaching any number of accessories like a sub-fence, stops and is compatible with all of Carter's original MAGFENCE™ accessories. The MAGFENCE II™ comes with two switchable magnets and measures 15" in length by 3" in height. Additional switchable magnets (sold separately) can be added to the fence for even more holding power

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Carter Magfence II
1 extra switchable magnet


5" Sacraficial Wear Fence for MAGFENCE II


5" SWF Sacraficial Fence Only.
Carter MAGFENCE II Not Included.

The 5" SWF allows you to get the blade much closer to the fence without the fear of damaging your blade or your fence. This extended design gives you a taller face for resaw and larger wood operations.

The face attaches easily at both ends via the existing slots in the MAGFENCE® II face. The SWF is constructed out of ridgid non-warping plastic that will keep it's shape, but will not damage the blade in case of accidental contact. Ideal for sawing super thin veneers or any application where the fence might come in contact with the tooling or blade.

The SWF is designed to fit the Carter MAGFENCE® II product only.

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