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How to Choose the Correct Band Saw Blade Style and Set

Band Saw Blade Tooth Shape Styles

Regular Band Saw Tooth Style The most commonly used tooth shape. Ideally suited for both cut-off and contour sawing of most materials. For cutting thin materials where a fine cut is required.

Skip Tooth Band Saw Blade StyleWidely spaced teeth with a 0° rake angle to prevent clogging when cutting soft, non-ferrous metals, plastics and wood.

Hook Style Band Saw Blade StylePositive 10° rake angle helps to "digin", resulting in a higher cutting rate. Recommended for long cuts into thicker wood, plastic and metal.

Band Saw Blade Tooth Set

Raker Band Saw Blade SetThe raker tooth set consists of one to the left, one to the right and one tooth (raker) is unset. This set is used for cutting thick, solid metal sections on horizontal cut-off machines. It is also used for contour cutting and resawing on vertical band machines.

Alternate Band Saw Blade Tooth SetAlternate set or double alternate plus raker set blades are designed for cutting wood. Provides faster, smoother cuts.
Wavy Band Saw Blade SetThis set pattern has groups of teeth set to the left and to the right, separated by unset raker teeth. It is made primarily with small teeth and is recommended for cutting thinner sections - tubes, pipes, thin sheets and other small shapes. 32 TPI only.